Kit medico per bicicletta

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Ciao lettore,

questo è il primo post relativo ad un argomento a noi molto caro: il viaggiar sicuri!

Nel bel mezzo del viaggio in Olanda, Arthur ebbe la grande idea di cascare dalla bici e di scartavetrarsi un po’ ovunque.

Da quel momento ci siamo detti che a tutti può capitare di cadere dalla bicicletta e siamo corsi ai ripari.

Cercando su internet per un kit d’emergenza da riporre nello zaino, ci siamo imbattuti in “SJ Works“, brand danese che produce kit medici installabili direttamente sulla bicicletta.



La particolarità dei kit SJ-Works è che sono davvero leggeri, circa 300 grammi, e facilmente posizionabili sulla bicicletta.

In questo modo Arthur eviterà di lamentarsi per tutto il viaggio e potrà curarsi sin da subito! 😛

Ci sono diversi modelli: noi abbiamo scelto un kit da posizionare sotto la sella ed un altro sulla canna della bicicletta


Entrambi hanno gli stessi prodotti medici ed abbastanza spazio per piccole cose come ad esempio le chiavi di casa. La differenza sostanziale tra i due, oltre che estetica, è che in quello posizionabile sulla canna è presente un apposito spazio in cui alloggiare lo Smartphone.

La sicurezza è troppo importante per essere ignorata.

Si spera sempre che questi prodotti non debbano mai servire, ma si sa, prevenire è meglio che curare.

Se hai bisogno di maggiori informazioni vuoi visitare il loro sito: Oppure consultare il prodotto su Amazon:


E’ tutto per oggi!

Have a nice and safe trip!

Arthur & Bruno – BikesPhilosophy


Why should you cycle in Winter?

Yes we know, winter has begun(one month ago) and it will be with us for next two months until spring when we can ride our bikes happy through green fields and along the canals with swallows all around.
Buuuuut it’s still winter, it’s cold outside, the cities are covered by the fog and the flu is always lurking. oh, and there is the risk that the blood freezes.
one of the questions that our friends often ask us is if we have not become crazy about cycling in winter.
The reality is that there are many people who feel the way we do.
There are a lot of people who use regularly their bikes during the cold season.
Just think about the countries of the north Europe: wind, rain and cold seems not to be a problem for them, so why it should be a problem for the people who live in the warmer countries?
Down below 5 good reasons +1 to pedal in winter.

1. Quietness

IMG_20180128_220030_850 (1)

While in summer cities are more chaotic and the cycle paths are overcrowded, during winter the tranquillity reigns supreme.
Pedaling along waterside or through country road without noise helps to clear your mind, come up with new ideas and learn to appreciate the romantic winter landscapes.

2. Health


Winter brings many diseases: fever, flu and pains of various kinds. It is widely known
and demostrated by a lot of studies that keep training during winter on the outside helps to build antibodies that reduce the possibility of contracting bacteria and viruses by 45%.

3. Mood


You have to know that exists a mood disorder due to the change of season and who more or less, we all suffer it.

Riding a bike is one of the best tonic for these mood swings. It is proved that getting on a bike during the winter hours of light with the fresh air is a boost for the mood.

Try it before work: you will be more productive and friendly with your collegues and more than everything your boss! 😀

4. Traffic


A little bit of rain or snow and roads are clogged up, cars don’t move and public transportation is always overcrowded.

What’s better than a bike? It avoids the stress of traffic and you won’t be late! Two drops of water with the right induments are better than stay stuck in the traffic screaming with the other car drivers.

5. It helps to reflects on organization


It’s quite easy to ride a bike during spring or summer because you just need to bring with you a k-way and a repair kit. But what about winter?
Winter requires attention, it requires that every details be studied from clothing to the route to be taken.
There are many variants to keep in mind: How cold will it be? Will i go through muddy roads? How do i dress? The secret is to not overdressing but use breathable clothes that avoid an excessive sweating. And of course, even if they are unaesthetic, you should mounts the mudguards.

+1. The bonus one


YOU WILL BE READY TO ROCK DURING THE SUMMER SEASON: You trained hard while the weather was against you, you forged your body, your mood and your determination. Nothing will stop you, neither the questions of your collegues who are trying to catch you in a moment of weakness.

Pedal the winter!
Arthur & Bruno – BikesPhilosophy

Bike Aid Kit

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Hey guys,

this is the first post of a new directory in which we treat about safety traveling!

When we were on our journey in The Netherlands, Arthur had the great idea to fell of the bike and hurt his delicate skin.

So, after this unbelievable injury, we started to think about that and what we could have done in case of a real emergency.

Searching on the web for an emergency kit to put in our bag, we found “SJ Works“, a danish brand that produces aid kit for bikes.


The particularity of SJ-Works kits is that they’re very light, just around 300g and can easily fit on your bike.

In this way, next time Arthur will be able to heal and not complain for all the trip! 😀

There are different models: we choose one to equip under the saddle and another on the bar of the bicycle.


They have the same things inside and enough space for other little thing like Keys, with the difference that the one you can put on the bar is designed to host the smartphone.

So, please, think about it.

Safety is too important  to be neglected.

If you want to get more information you can check the website and their amazon store:


That’s all for today!

Have a nice and safe trip!

Arthur & Bruno – BikesPhilosophy